Leveraging AI to extend card limits based on data-driven risk analysis

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We’re not playing the suspense game today. You must have come across scenarios where credit cards get declined due to exhaustion of the limit, but here is a revelation for you- credit cards can be used beyond a prescribed limit.

Due to specific guidelines over the years and rigid systems, banks have not yet provided any mainstream automated solution where a low-risk customer gets instant approval of extra limits in real-time. This means that customers can get an instant additional credit limit on their cards, allowing them to handle emergencies or other big purchases. So if the customer’s credit limit…

The importance of Data Engineering in a successful AI implementation

If you’re already on-board the AI ship and you don’t want to sink - then make sure you have your “data engineer” lifeguard.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence holds plenty of promises across different global industries. However, without data, there can be no AI. It is the principal factor in the successful design of an AI model. This data is usually in large volumes and needs to be sorted, processed, and prepared for it to be utilized in AI, and here is where Data Engineers & Data Scientists come trotting in! …

What is Inference Gap & how to overcome it in Deep Learning Models

Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

By the minute, deep learning models trespass every industry, making neural networks more and more extensive. How do you ensure accuracy in such a situation? That’s easy- just increase the number of training parameters. And then what? As a result, the models tend to become sluggish in their performance due to the increased size of the additional parameters. Can it get any worse? Hate to break it to you, but it can. Enter, inference gap!

Key Aspects of Inference

Inference gap occurs due to the feeding of excessive parameters into a model that lacks the computational power to deliver the…

Fluid AI

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