3 Shocking Revelations on Why Chatbots Fail

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3 min readFeb 16, 2022
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Chatbots are seen on practically every online platform. They’re smart, easy, quick and indeed they deliver value-added services and make websites more accessible. They’re a great way to enhance digital engagement with customers, enable automation and provide more personalized experiences. So you’re there, but not quite there because despite the obvious benefits, most chatbot providers fail to implement a seamless experience for users and end up with unsuccessful chatbots.

After analyzing more than 20 million chats spanning large banks, insurers, auto companies, media houses across North America and Europe here’s some amazing revelations. Even after pumping in millions, why are these chatbots failing? Let’s take a closer look at three critical aspects that ensure chatbot success.

3 Pillars Away from Cashing in the Millions

  1. Chatbot Finishing Ability

“Finishing ability?” Let us take out the guesswork for you. When we discuss chatbot finishing ability, it is to derive value out of the interaction with customers. There are multiple instances when users feel like they’re stuck in a loop when conversing with a chatbot. For instance, when there are challenging queries put forward to a chatbot, you are most likely to get repetitive answers such as visiting a particular menu, calling a specific phone number, or sending an email to the support team for further information. As such, the result of such a conversation does not lead to a productive outcome. In other words, it does not get the “job done.”

Why does this happen? Well, it’s simply because of the lack of integrations with the platforms that actually have the capability to help the bot answer questions. Therefore, to avoid a bot fail situation requires an established platform that can integrate easily with the required APIs, third-party systems, and other essential services.

2. Bots as human agents

Yes, you got that right. Most companies have launched their own version of the Matrix, and decided to replace human agents and entire teams of customer support executives with chatbots. While the bots are able to supply the customer with basic information and handle easier queries such as providing product information, blocking a credit card etc. they are unable to handle very complex or specific issues. As a result, the customer is agitated and the brand perception suffers.

On the contrary, we’re suggesting an “Avengers” approach where the chatbot works in tandem with human agents to resolve customer queries. This would mean that the chatbot can allow for immediate human takeover, (even live video assistance) at any point, and this collaborative approach would be able to ensure successful resolution of support queries and lead to high levels of customer satisfaction.

3. Omnipresent bots

Your customers are everywhere- WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Website, App, Instagram etc. and that’s exactly why your chatbot needs to be everywhere too! Imagine a situation (and trust us, this happens pretty often) where a customer is engaging with a brand on WhatsApp and wants to know something, but the company directs the customer to the website instead. In most cases, the customer simply drops off, and poof goes that potential sale. Organizations invest in an individual aspect of their business delivery to be assisted by chatbots, while multiple services are offered through various other platforms without any assistance.

Hence, in order to get the most out of a chatbot implementation, one needs to ensure that their chatbot is on all the channels their customers are on.

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